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How to find the right school for your children

If you have children of school age when you are moving to Canada then you will most likely want to take the schools into account when choosing where to live. So how do you do that? Researching schools One thing that is easy to do even from outside Canada, is …

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Sahlab – Warming Drinks in Winter

Sahlabor Salep a hot drink popular in the Mediterranean and Middle East Countries . Ingredients: 4 cups milk 2 tablesp cornstarch 3 tablesp sugar 1 teasp rose water 1 teasp orange blossom water 2 teasp cinnamon powder Pistachios for garnish   Method: Mix the cornstarch with a 3 tablespoons of cold …

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How do you choose an appropriate sport for your child?

Mothers feel worried and confused if they notice that their children are lazy and have limited movement. Playing and activeness is always an indication of health and proper development of children. We met a children’s sport specialist that gave us some tips how to choose the right methods and the …

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