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Fault Behavior May Harm Your Child, Be Aware!


By: Sondoce

We all remember the story of a bear that had a duty to keep the flies off his friend when he takes a nap. Unable to drive off a persistent fly, the bear seizes a paving stone to crush it and kills his friend as well. Unfortunately, some of us use the same technique of protection.

Maybe absence of material or tips deadly abounds or lack of time those may result unforgivable consequences practiced by the mothers harmful to the newborn.

Reviewed some of these behaviours, and presented to the paediatrician, the following remarks has been highlighted to clarify the positive effects and the negative effects:

– Bunding your  baby with blankets and warming him up after discovering him fevered, totally a mistake; because infant body needs to be cool and it’s restricted to use only one lumbar sheet.

-Applying cold compresses directly over the forehead of your child is a faulty action, in which you should only soak your baby’s body with lukewarm water; because frozen water causes arterial spasm.

·-The emergence of bony protrusions on roof of the infant’s mouth which has habitually been resolved by pressing your thumb against it; this would probably cause immediate suffocation and death. Turning to a paediatrician would be the perfect solution prior of taking such actions.

– Heating the baby’s rooms constantly, a highly dangerous common action; where reported recent studies by a paediatrician that excess of heat in the baby’s chamber may cause sudden death especially at the age of nativity. The mother should constantly watch the room temperature in which it does not exceed 24 degrees and not decrease than 20 degrees.

-Sweat, is the break of fever, but that does not mean the mother submerges her baby in more blankets; because sweating stage is when the body loses heat. Don’t freak out when his hands and feet feels cold this is due to the loss heat.

-Abandoning the hat would befall the baby through cold and flu; because by removing the hat or exchanging it would change the baby’s body temperature and cause flu. To avoid that, you need to replace wool hat by another wool hat and light hat by another light hat and so on.

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