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Sahlab – Warming Drinks in Winter


Sahlabor Salep a hot drink popular in the Mediterranean and Middle East Countries .


4 cups milk
2 tablesp cornstarch
3 tablesp sugar
1 teasp rose water
1 teasp orange blossom water
2 teasp cinnamon powder
Pistachios for garnish



  1. Mix the cornstarch with a 3 tablespoons of cold milk until completely dissolved.
  2. boil the remaining milk then pour in the cornstarch mix stirring well until dissolved with no lumps.
  3. Continue to cook on low heat, continue stirring for 8-10 minutes until the milk thickens.
  4. Then stir in sugar, cinnamon, rose water and orange blossom water until all mixed well.
  5. Remove form heat, place in serving bowls, allow to cool then garnish with pistachios nuts

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